Web Design BOLD, never regular!

Corneliu & Iulian, we are a team of two front-end and full-stack developers, who, coincidentally or not, are also twin brothers.>>


web design

Even though we are twins, we have different perspectives on web design, a plus when it comes to achieving the best results for our customers.>>

In the last 8-10 years the vast majority of web pages created, followed a single path in which everything had to be perfectly centered and aligned.>>

We dare to believe that websites can be more than similar templates which contain only different text, image and logo.>>

Using CSS Grid we can create web layouts that were until recently possible only in design and fashion magazines.>>

We can explore concepts like visual hierarchy, asymmetry, drawing the eye to something else than the top left corner of the page.>>

Therefore, we choose to be BOLD, never regular!

Our services

Web design

Using the latest technologies, we craft websites that are meant to tell your story to the world and make your business flourish. Aware that functionality and design are the key elements of a professional website, we don't use half units when building your website. Rest assured as our team will transform your draws and wishes into a website that represent you and your goals.

Online shop

Building an online shop, e-shop, e-commerce or you name it, brings your business closer to your customers. When your virtual shop incorporates a revolutionary design, a user-friendly interaction with your customers, and an easy way of administration, then the results will soon appear. The e-shop will become your best "employee", available 24/7, with a minimum coordination from you. Be confident that your online shop will "speak the customer's language"!

Mobile app

How often have you done different tasks through a mobile device? Probably more often than you thought. Here is why we think a mobile app will elevate your business:
- mobile apps are faster, usually 1.5 times faster than mobile websites;
- instant online and offline access;
- productivity improvement and cost reduction, as a result of better communication and less money spend on marketing & advertising;
- push notifications and instant updates.


Either an online shop or a presentation website, Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in determining your visibility in the vast www. SEO has the power to target quality traffic and move you ahead of the competition. All of our crafted products will have their entire website content SEO optimized for the best results.

Social media

In order to achieve good results for your business or brand, a website and social media must go hand in hand. Your interaction with your audience through social media needs professionalism, consistency and never the last, quality. BOLD Web Design builds, administrates and promotes custom Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, plus offers constant support and suggestions.

What we can DO

Boundaries are so 20th century,

therefore we avoid them

What we can accomplish:

  • Versatile & Predictable layouts
  • Responsive websites
  • Beautiful & Simple web pages

when building websites!

Every new/existing business or brand who wants to be present into the vast world wide web (www) needs to carefully prepare its entrance. BOLD Web Design Sibiu can facilitate your entrance into the digital world by offering you the following services : web development, mobile apps, design responsive, SEO, social marketing, online marketing, hosting, optimization and maintenance.

Building websites that are tailored to your business and your customer's needs, is the main principle that motivates us. In the age of online services, beautiful design and smart user interaction will keep your customers coming back. Aware that every detail counts, we create the visual content that defines your business/brand.
BOLD Web Design can transform your story, ideas or dreams into a beautiful, friendly web page or mobile app. In a world where users are impatient and probably distracted, we strive to keep the design beautiful and simple.

We use tools like HTML, CSS, CSS Grid, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, React Native and a few others to create websites that will exceed your expectations and boost your business into the digital world. To be present and get noticed into the digital world you need more than just a website, therefore BOLD Web Design delivers a full package of services.

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