Web Design BOLD, never regular!

Corneliu & Iulian, we are a team of two front-end and full-stack developers, who, coincidentally or not, are also twin brothers.>>


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Even though we are twins, we have different perspectives on web design, a plus when it comes to achieving the best results for our customers.>>

In the last 8-10 years the vast majority of web pages created, followed a single path in which everything had to be perfectly centered and aligned.>>

We dare to believe that websites can be more than similar templates which contain only different text, image and logo.>>

Using CSS Grid we can create web layouts that were until recently possible only in design and fashion magazines.>>

We can explore concepts like visual hierarchy, asymmetry, drawing the eye to something else than the top left corner of the page.>>

Therefore, we choose to be BOLD, never regular!

Our Web Design Vision

BOLD Web Design is a small web design studio located in the Sibiu city. We honestly declare that we didn't discovered the wheel, just a new way of developing websites. Over the last decade, developing web layouts became more and more simpler, but in the same time it took a common path. The vast majority of websites were created with one single purpose - to be similar with those who already existed. Functionality overcome the design part in the process of creating a new web page.

In many cases the page layout design process was reduced to :
1) choosing a third-party framework;
2) choosing one of the layouts available for that framework;
3) limiting all the design ideas to what that framework can do.

The only exceptions in terms of web design were the big companies, who could afford to invest in design, and who were aware of the importance of an unique design. You could assume that designing a website can be an expensive process, but it's not. In my opinion, you can achieve a great design for your website at a fair price, using the right tools (programming language) and some imagination.

Graphic Design

BOLD Web Design believes that graphic design has the power to elevate a project, make it unique, help it stand out from the "crowd". A website with a good design will definitely help its readers, viewers, users understand its message / vision. Aware that it's all about the humans behind a brand and those experiencing it, BOLD Web Design is right there... In the middle.

Aren't you tired of seeing similar websites all over the internet? Does your business look like the competitors'? Then why should your website?

Now, web layouts are an endless line of boxes, one after another. Using CSS Grid we want to break out from old habits and discover new possibilities for web layout. We think and design out of the box.

Future Web Design

Jen Simmons, Designer Advocate at Mozilla (a web designer and front-end developer with 20 years of experience), speaks about why she loves CSS Grid. Here is a quote from one of her videos: "[...] I think that the most exciting thing on the web today is CSS Grid because it affects every type of website, and I think it will really be able to change what we can do graphic design wise and it's going to make it much easier to do layouts [...]" You can see the entire video about web design using CSS Grid.

Smashing Magazine, a German based publication founded in 2006, which delivers reliable, useful and practical articles to web designers and developers, published many articles about the "web design revolution" generated by CSS Grid. Here's a quote from a recent article called "New CSS Features That Are Changing Web Design" published on Smashing Magazine:

"Today, the design landscape has changed completely. We're equipped with new and powerful tools - CSS Grid, CSS custom properties, CSS shapes and CSS writing-mode, to name a few - that we can use to exercise our creativity." You can read the entire article and understand how the web design will evolve thanks to this new powerful tool - CSS Grid.

A quote that best highlights what CSS Grid can do for websites is: “Supporting legacy is not always the best answer. Dropping things helps the industry move forward to adopt newer, better, formats.”

Today, we are facing with a large majority of websites that were developed using many layout hacks. We want to build the future websites using a honest tool < CSS Grid >, but aware of the hacks / mistakes from the past.

The “CSS Grid approach” is not the only one, is just one of our strategies to make your website/business stand out from the crowd. Therefore, based on your needs, budget or strategy we can also craft your website or online shop, using popular frameworks.

This is what we can promise you at BOLD Web Design Sibiu!

Web Services

Boundaries are so 20th century,

therefore we avoid them

What we can accomplish:

  • Versatile & Predictable layouts
  • Responsive websites
  • Beautiful & Simple web pages

when building websites!

Every new/existing business or brand who wants to be present into the vast world wide web (www) needs to carefully prepare its entrance. BOLD Web Design Sibiu can facilitate your entrance into the digital world by offering you the following services : web development, mobile apps, design responsive, SEO, social marketing, online marketing, hosting, optimization and maintenance.

Building websites that are tailored to your business and your customer's needs, is the main principle that motivates us. In the age of online services, beautiful design and smart user interaction will keep your customers coming back. Aware that every detail counts, we create the visual content that defines your business/brand.
BOLD Web Design can transform your story, ideas or dreams into a beautiful, friendly web page or mobile app. In a world where users are impatient and probably distracted, we strive to keep the design beautiful and simple.

We use tools like HTML, CSS, CSS Grid, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, React Native and a few others to create websites that will exceed your expectations and boost your business into the digital world. To be present and get noticed into the digital world you need more than just a website, therefore BOLD Web Design delivers a full package of services.

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